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How to nail an Interview


Your interview skills will at all times be necessary, whether you are working your initial steps up the career ladder being a fresh graduate or meaning a truly significant job shift and job relocation in Jakarta, Indonesia or anywhere around the world. At the moment, it is more vital than ever to have sturdy interview talents due to the totality of competition out there. In spite of the situation you are in, it is significant to be ready for the interview.


Below is the list prepared by Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, to help you pull a perfect interview.


Ensuring a professional method will at all times makes you appear a lot more serious towards the position you are being interviewed for. Minor stuff such as a good posture and presenting other plain qualities of professionalism will display that you are confident. Continuously make certain you are punctual for your chance may rule you out immediately for being late or for failing to demonstrate basic etiquette in the place of work. Coming late implies that you do not respect the interviewer to come a little early to the interview.


While in the interview make certain that you inquire many questions to display your interest. Do not start off by stating how much you want the job, because it could come across as slightly fraud. As a substitute, inquire questions because it as well provides you the opportunity to learn more on the job itself, like the duties in addition to whom you will be working with. Never be scared to inquire questions, considering that it will display just how enthusiastic you are to the interviewer.


A helpful thing to do in preparation for an interview is to fully research and review the company. Ensure that you are acquainted with a bit regarding their philosophy and background so you could demonstrate the interviewer in what way you will be well suited into the company. Display exactly how the skills you have will help you match into the group and even be a value to the company. When the interviewer says something you have never performed before, do not answer, “I can’t” or “I haven’t”. As an alternative, give out the experience you do have and discover an optimistic thing from that.


Once you have completed the interview, it is worthy to follow it up with an email or handwritten note. This must show gratitude to them for their time and incorporate some added info where relevant like a link you discoursed throughout the interview. This will display them that you are truly fascinated in the job and it is as well a respectful gesture, which the interviewer may be grateful for.



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