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March 09 2015


The Art of Dealing with Your Colleagues

A lot of our time in a week is spent in the workplace. We cannot avoid the stress and pressure that are natural in any workplace: deadlines to meet, irate bosses and piles of things to review. One thing that affects how we deal with these pressures is the usual banter and chatter with our co-workers. Our working environment may become more fulfilling and more rewarding with improved relationship with our colleagues.

It is important that there is a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in a workplace. Everyone should be comfortable in voicing out there thoughts and feel safe in doing so. The dynamics of communication should be smooth flowing in the workplace.

Share More of Yourself

One most important foundation in building a relationship is to let others know who you are. Other people would want to get to know you through the way you speak your mind. It will be easier for them to open up to you when you open up to them, thus building a relationship.

Get Involved

Don’t just get to talk when you are asked. Learn to voice your own opinion as well. It is a good way of showing that you do care about the company, the issue or the person/s involved. Bonding with them even outside of the workplace can also help strengthen the relationship. However, you want to be careful in setting clear boundaries for the situation.

Respect Others

Respect is one of the most important fundamental in every relationship. In dealing with other people and getting involved, you should learn when to butt-in in a conversation or when to voice your mind, especially in the presence of your boss.

Instead of bursting out complaints, consider that each and every individual has different values and cultures. You may be facing people with a very different belief than yours. It does good to accept that you don’t have the same mind and the same line of thoughts.

Resolve Conflicts Fast

Issues and misunderstanding will always be present in every relationship because of different beliefs and opinions especially in a workplace. Both parties should learn to compromise to resolve an issue.

About Axis Human Capital Group

Axis Human Capital Group is a team with an aim to develop talents through various organizational trainings. We are located in Ghana, Africa but our specialized blogs and articles reach to employees, employers and entrepreneurs to as far as Jakarta, Indonesia, Maldives, Singapore and the US. You may visit our website to learn more.

March 05 2015


Building Confidence 101

Each one of us has their own out-of-body experience when faced with an interview, a presentation or talking to the boss. Thoughts are slowly drifting away to some uncertain and foggy place where you can’t think straight no matter how many times you review what you are to say prior to the situation. It’s not only you who experience these kinds of things. It does not matter if you are from Guam, the mountains of Sierra Madre, Tokyo, Japan, Jakarta Indonesia, and Hawaii or even if you are from South Pole. Even people from different cultures know the feeling.

Some people have ways to ignore these nervous symptoms all of us may have experienced from time to time. In order to cope, we put ourselves inside a transparent shelter of confidence.

But how do we build this shelter? The strength of your confidence may also determine the level of competency you are to exude in the nerve-racking situation.

Positive Self Talk

We should admit it to ourselves. We talk to ourselves sometimes. Some of us talk to themselves more frequently than others: May it is aloud or only in their heads. According to several studies, talking to oneself is not a sign of madness or delusion but can in fact help some people get done with their work, be motivated or think things through. Researchers even found out that it can turn negative feelings into optimism with positive reminders. It may be a little weird to stand in front of the mirror and say, “I can do it” but your heavy feeling can be lifted once you do it.

Make this a habit as well. It doesn’t mean that you have to talk to yourself every now and then. That may seem too weird to other people. You can just cheer yourself in your mind.

Carry Yourself Well

A little acting won’t do any harm as long as every part of your body gets incorporated with each other. It will be a little awkward if you have indeed straightened your back but sway your hands in the same motion of your step. You have to feel confident to own confidence. Be conscious of your actions but don’t let go of comfort. If we strike a powerful pose, we feel powerful.

Change your Perspective towards Other People

Inferiority may kick in if you think too much that you are talking to your boss. People have the tendency to back out from a situation if they think that they are to face someone more superior than they are. Think about them as equal human being but always remain respectful. Rather than thinking that your boss is a terrifying lion ready to pounce, think of him as a gentle cub that needs to be informed about the important information you have.

Turn your Frown Upside Down

Many people say smiling is the most powerful weapon. It blocks complaints and bad vibes. Not only does it exude a nice impression from you but it can also lift your own feeling. Be genuine as much as you can. Many people say that smiling is contagious. Who knows, you might get a smile in return from your boss.

Attend Self-Improvement Trainings

Attending self-improvement training is an option but it can do well to make you feel better especially for those who claim to be introverts. You can also read reviews or blogs online on how to improve and motivate yourself. Many self improvements companies such as Axis Human Capital group have an advocacy to help everyone build their own shelter of confidence around them.

March 04 2015

Team Building Activities in the Workplace



All work, no play. Some of you individuals out there are too workaholic to take a break from all the stressful events, deadlines and scary bosses. Recreational activities are essential for our continued growth and to free ourselves from concentrating too much on our work. Thankfully, almost all companies nowadays take a day or week off from their hectic schedule to bond and make memories outside of the workplace. These workaholics no longer got any excuse.


When someone says team building activities, the first thing that comes to mind nowadays is the rigorous activities such as rappelling, bungee jumping or mountain trekking. If that is your style, you can go ahead and do so. There are so many available activities available nowadays. You can try mountain trekking in Mount Khuiten in Mongolia, rappelling in Bryce and Zion Canyon, bungee jumping in Queenstown in New Zealand or if you have a different trip, you can try drum dancing in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Team building is very important if you wish to extract the best out of your workforce. Employees are urged to work smarter and not just harder, in an effort to deliver the desired results. There are also available team building activities that can be done inside the office which you can do before meetings to loosen up a bit. Here are some of them:


Game Name: This is my Life

Participants:   Everyone

Materials:       cards (all images)

Instruction:    Cards represent different stages of life.

Queen= teenage years.

King = Young Adult.

Jack = Childhood years.

Ace = now.

Each participant must pick a card and tell something about themselves based on the image on the card picked.


Game Name: Whaddya Know

Participants:   anyone

Materials:       List of questions

Instructions: Bring a list of ten questions to a meeting. They can be questions about your business, the people you serve, your products — things your team should know but nothing too easy. Without warning, pop a question to the group or direct it to one individual. Every correct answer gets a candy bar or some other small reward.


Game Name: Wear your Attitude

Participants:   Everyone

Materials:       Attitude buttons

Instructions:   Have buttons or laminated cards with a variety of attitudes on them; such as happy, angry, friendly, generous, sad, worried, excellent, etc. As each person enters work, allow them to pick the attitude they would like to display. People who pick unattractive ones can be avoided and the pleasant ones will get all the smiles, encouragement, and positive attention. Anyone can change their ‘button attitude’ at any time.


Human Resource agencies such as Axis Human Capital is a group of companies that organize team building activities, talents and development trainings and organizational seminars which help bring out the positivity and strengthen the working relationship within a company. Our priority is to enhance the capacity of an employee, employer or entrepreneur in dealing other people and their business.



March 02 2015


How to Manage Work-Related Stress

One of people’s biggest problems is work-related stress. It may be because of a demanding boss, a mountain of workload or pressuring deadlines. Many people say stress is relative and natural but most people who undergo it would give anything just to get rid of it.

Stress may trigger depression that may sometimes lead to health issues and sometimes, suicidal attempts. Michelle M. Conette, a blogger at Charles E. Kubly Foundation, states that stress is a well known contributor to mood, mental disorder and suicidal risks. In Japan, there are more and more people who attempts suicide annually because of work-related stress and depression. Most populous countries in the world have similar records of suicidal rates. In Indonesia, particularly Jakarta which placed 4th in the world’s biggest population, suicidal rate is 9.7%. China, which is recorded to top the chart, has 12.1% of annual suicidal rate. Experts say that South Korea, which ranked 6th in the chart of suicidal rate with 20.1%, has economic downfall to blame as a major factor for the increase of death rate in the country for the last couple of years since the recession in 1998. The businesses that have closed down, the lifestyle that cannot be met and the assurance of the job have disturbed the social standing of the individual. Those who cannot readjust and adapt are the ones who are likely to be victims of stress, pressure and depression.

Stress has been a common factor for far more serious issues that may sometimes lead to the risk of a person’s life. Researchers had analyzed the causes of this issue and how to manage it.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Sometimes, individuals are the ones who cause themselves stress because of too much expectation to oneself. The statements, “I should finish this!”, “I have to do this or else”… These kinds of statements should be avoided. Calm down. Instead of saying these things and bursting out complaints in the end, why not be positive about it. Claim it like you mean it. Say instead, “I can do this”, “I can finish this”. Having this kind of mindset may lessen the pressure you have built in your system.

Accept the Things You Can’t Change

They always say that acceptance is the first step to every situation. There are a lot of people who fuss over things that they can’t control. Instead of focusing on these things, try to change your reaction about it. Instead of stressing over a deadline, focus on the time that you can maximize and do the task in front of you. It may be your procrastination, the though that the deadline is still far away, rather than the demand of the job that keeps you from reaching the deadline.

Invest in Work Management Trainings

Nobody stops learning. If you are nobody, then you can just allow yourself be swallowed by stress. As we earlier pointed out, stress is inevitable and normal in the work place. How to manage it well may be learnt from experience but there are also trainings and seminars you can attend to which can help you in dealing with everyday pressure of your work.

Axis Human Capital, with a group of intelligent individuals, help individuals to be better equipped in the demands of the “real world”. With their human resource trainings, you can review your opportunities and work better in a stress-managed environment.



February 23 2015

Axis Human Capital Group conducts Corporate Trainings


Ghana, Africa – With an aim to increase the quality of workforce and labor in Africa, Axis Human Capital, with a group of individuals to pursue its goal, conducts training in operations and human resource-related issues which includes Strategic Planning 101 which defines the company’s best strategy to maximize their resources and increase their ROI; Business Presentation Skills which enhances the company’s communication skills in marketing their business; Negotiation in which executives, owners and leaders are taught on how to deal with people; Leadership which brings out the essence of the term and Diversity Management in which it teaches leaders on how to deal with diversified people in the team with different cultures and values. The company also conducts Teambuilding Exercises and Organizational Performance Management among many others.


It can be remembered that the team also conducted other research and development trainings for companies, employers and employees alike.


Axis Human Capital Group is specialized in human resources and has built their reputation for recruiting high-caliber candidates for employers and working with them to develop their organizational capacities through trainings and other projects. They also work with job seekers for their own individual growth, preparing them for the real world ahead and mapping out their most suitable career path through CV reviews.


With each passing year, Axis has  supported and lent a hand to individuals and companies to globally compete in their own field, showing the others and the world that African people also have the ability to do what this generation has always done: to excel and succeed. Now, not only do these individuals compete and challenge one another in their own continent as they have also explored other countries such as America, Hongkong and Europe where greater opportunities are at hand. They already pose as a threat and a warning to people around the world.


For the last decade, Africa has been reported to be the worst continent for employment but companies such as Axis proves otherwise. The company is known to support and promote African development by enhancing the country’s human capital. Just like other places such as Jakarta in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Mauritania in Africa and other neighboring countries and continents which are tagged to be the lowest of the low, Ghana has demonstrated its capacity to still grow and has established its name in the world’s fastest developing nation.


Axis Human Capital Group is continuously conducting these trainings. You can visit their website to learn more.





February 19 2015

Money vs. Career

Every year, millions of eager young graduates step into their real world either in pursuance of their career in college or with the mindset that they can finally earn money for themselves. The latter often find themselves 20 years later to either be satisfied with their choice or not quite sure what their main goal in life still is. Very few people know what their specific purpose in life is in high school. Some might realize it in college but a lot of people who are already working have never really been able to identify their real identity or what they want to be.


When we are still young, we have specific goals: either to be a doctor, pilot, teacher or preacher. As we grow older, priorities change. We slowly understand other options, reveal hidden talents, acknowledge other skills and determine which pays more. There are so many career paths that can suite us. One thing that hinders it, though: money.


Lucky are those children who have parents that can send them to quality schools and pursue a degree related to their interest. How about those young children who have their interest at heart but have to consider a lot of factors before jumping into decisions or have to follow their parents’ choice against their will without complaints? There are also children who never had a definite choice in the first place but are willing to invest 4-5 years of their life into something that may bring them money after graduation.  In the end, these children end up unemployed or wasted.


One of the reasons why there is no decline in global unemployment rate is because of the people that have not yet decided which path to take after graduation.  According to The Atlantic data review, capital countries like Beijing China, New Delhi India, United States, Jakarta Indonesia and Brazil have continued to top the chart in unemployment rate despite their economic development and their being tagged as the most populous countries in the world over the years.


It is always an issue that tugs all of us: a satisfying job or a satisfying paycheck. Few had succeeded in pursuing both. These individuals are considered to be far more talented and persevered than others. To those that cannot balance both, they are forced to sacrifice one. Unfortunately, more and more young children now choose to be practical. Older people choose money as well, over that which is their true passion. That is why there is the existence of labor employment which employs everyone that can either endure 8 hrs. in front of a machinery or can take a minimum of 100 calls per day except of course, if anyone dreams of being scraped to the skin or of pacifying irate customers every now and then.


There are a few companies such as Axis Human Capital Group which employs a group of people with an aim to change the way people work and develop talents especially in Ghana, Africa. These kinds of recruitment agencies have already built a reputation of employing high-caliber candidates so there are lesser risks of frauds.


February 18 2015


Axis Human Capital Group Supports Ghana’s Continued Growth

Ghana, Africa - Axis Human Capital, a recruitment group based in Africa, supports Ghana’s continued growth and development in its economy.

According to the African Economic Outlook, the country remains positive with projected GDP growth of 8.3%. Moreover, Ghana’s government statistics added that the value of goods and services produced in the 3rd quarter of 2014 grew by 0.7% compared to the 2nd quarter of 2014.

The growth drivers of 2014 are the following:

Livestock – 17.9%
Finance and Insurance Activities – 6.4%
Fishing – 6.4%
Electricity - 6.4%

Africa’s growth and development increased by 5.1% in the 3rd quarter of 2014 compared to the review of data in 2013. The Industry sector recorded the highest growth of 8.1%, the Agriculture Sector followed with 4.4%, while Services recorded a growth rate of 3.5%.

This may be the reason that Trading Economics data in 2014 states that in the three months to September, quarterly changes reflect an increase in employment and decrease in unemployment rate. Increases in employment were observed in both the formal and the informal sectors. Employment increased by 16,000 in the Agricultural industry. Compared to a year earlier, employment increased by 81,000.

Just like in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Hongkong, which have now been reported to increase in their employment rate, this is largely due to increases in the formal and the informal sectors that grew by 134,000 and 85,000 jobs respectively in third quarter of 2014.

Although Africa, as a whole, still remained to be recorded to have the highest unemployment rate in the world, Ghana’s development has triggered hope among its fellow African countries in the possibility of slow growth towards economic success. After all, the continent is home to a third of planet’s mineral reserves, a tenth of the oil and it produces two-thirds of the diamonds. Investors have believed that the continent is far richer in natural resources than any country is.

Economists and researchers review Africa to be one of the fastest growing region in the world. With the promise of better education system, infrastructure development and sensible revolutionary reforms, Africa may lead a hope of a bright future ahead.

February 12 2015


Unemployment Rate Generally Shows No Improvement

According to the report gathered by the International Labor Organization (ILO), unemployment rate generally shows no improvement in the last 10 years. Most countries have maintained their unemployment rate while others have either declined or increased for a few point percentages.



In the Developed Economies and the European Union, labor market conditions showed no signs of improvement during 2014. In Central and South-Eastern Europe (non-EU) and CIS countries, the fall in unemployment recorded since the crisis peak of 2009 was reversed in 2013; Employment growth continued to outpace labor force expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean; In East Asia, employment growth remained weak, consistent with weak labor force growth; In South-East Asia and the Pacific, employment expanded by 1.6 % in 2013 and is projected to outpace growth in the working age population in the coming years; labor markets continued to suffer from high rates of informal/agricultural employment where jobs are poorly paid and unprotected in South Asia; the economic growth rate in 2013 proved too low to generate sufficient employment opportunities for a fast growing population, and unemployment remained the highest in the world in the Middle East and North Africa and in Sub-Saharan Africa, paid employment opportunities are scarce and the vulnerable employment rate, at 77.4 % in 2013, remained the highest of all regions. 

Mauritania has the highest unemployment rate of 30.1% in the last quarter of 2014 as reported by ILO. The country’s percentage has been constantly decreasing from 32.1% in 2005 but it has also been constantly recorded in the top 5 for the last 10 years. Cambodia, on the other hand has recorded to have the lowest unemployment rate with only 0.4% in the first half of 2014. 

Among all the regions, South East Asia and the Pacific have shown great potential in economic growth and development which imposes a warning to other developed countries. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have tied with both 3% unemployment rates. Jakarta Indonesia, despite leading Asia in infrastructure and construction industry thus employing thousands of employees is reported to still have 6% unemployed citizens in its population. 

Africa, on the other hand, has been experiencing an increase in their unemployment rate. Ghana, for instance, has 12.9%, its highest unemployment record according to Trading Economics. The lack of job vacancies and have caused these numbers to increase from 11.20% from 2014. 

South Asia has also been experiencing a laggard decline of unemployment rate despite the great rise of China. Hongkong also has 3% and is expected to maintain the number for the next 5 more years. 

About Axis Human Capital Group  

Human Resource agencies like Axis Human Capital, a group of HR professionals which is located in Ghana, aims to help decrease unemployment rate by organizing events for employment awareness, particularly in Africa. We work with job seekers to map out their career paths and prepare them for career opportunities through individual career coaching, workshops and CV reviews. We also build the capacity of entrepreneurs through tailored business advisory services for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

January 12 2015

Finding a Job Can Take So Long: The Reasons Why

Landing on a job frequently takes much lengthier than job hunters anticipate, more especially abroad, in Jakarta, Indonesia for instance.

The initial reason why landing on a job takes lengthier than estimated is because of the companies, like Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, job search time line. It is very infrequent for a company to post an open position and fill the position instantly. To begin with, resumes need to be gathered and subjected to review. Next, several series of phone interviews and then in-person interviews. Even when a top applicant is chosen, the human resources department still frequently needs to inspect references, do background checks and complete other vital administrative work prior to the job offer.

Job hunters must have patience with companies throughout the interview procedure, particularly when it takes longer than anticipated. A worthy HR department works to remain in communication with job applicants throughout a long procedure; however, even the best communication does not make a job search progress faster.

Next reason why getting a job takes too long is for the reason that there are more job hunters than vacant positions. This is especially factual for higher-level jobs. An extremely eligible job hunter has to wait for a suitable position in the suitable geographical area to uncover and then contest with other similarly qualified candidates for the vacant position.

Even getting retail and service occupations frequently take too long, as compared to a job hunter assumes. After all, they do not want to hire frauds.

Some job hunters consider getting a job as a nonstop course. These are the job hunters who watch out for fresh positions in their industry and submit an application for them at whatever time they become available, although they are contentedly employed by another company. For the reason that getting a job is much trouble-free if presently employed. These job hunters sometimes have less time to job search as compared to individuals who wait till they are out of a job to start the job search course.


January 09 2015

How to nail an Interview


Your interview skills will at all times be necessary, whether you are working your initial steps up the career ladder being a fresh graduate or meaning a truly significant job shift and job relocation in Jakarta, Indonesia or anywhere around the world. At the moment, it is more vital than ever to have sturdy interview talents due to the totality of competition out there. In spite of the situation you are in, it is significant to be ready for the interview.


Below is the list prepared by Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, to help you pull a perfect interview.


Ensuring a professional method will at all times makes you appear a lot more serious towards the position you are being interviewed for. Minor stuff such as a good posture and presenting other plain qualities of professionalism will display that you are confident. Continuously make certain you are punctual for your chance may rule you out immediately for being late or for failing to demonstrate basic etiquette in the place of work. Coming late implies that you do not respect the interviewer to come a little early to the interview.


While in the interview make certain that you inquire many questions to display your interest. Do not start off by stating how much you want the job, because it could come across as slightly fraud. As a substitute, inquire questions because it as well provides you the opportunity to learn more on the job itself, like the duties in addition to whom you will be working with. Never be scared to inquire questions, considering that it will display just how enthusiastic you are to the interviewer.


A helpful thing to do in preparation for an interview is to fully research and review the company. Ensure that you are acquainted with a bit regarding their philosophy and background so you could demonstrate the interviewer in what way you will be well suited into the company. Display exactly how the skills you have will help you match into the group and even be a value to the company. When the interviewer says something you have never performed before, do not answer, “I can’t” or “I haven’t”. As an alternative, give out the experience you do have and discover an optimistic thing from that.


Once you have completed the interview, it is worthy to follow it up with an email or handwritten note. This must show gratitude to them for their time and incorporate some added info where relevant like a link you discoursed throughout the interview. This will display them that you are truly fascinated in the job and it is as well a respectful gesture, which the interviewer may be grateful for.



January 08 2015

Skype Interview Advices and Tips

Skype Interview is very common nowadays, more especially that more and more people prefer to work abroad. For instance, you are from Jakarta, Indonesia and your potential employer is from Canada, they prefer to interview you via Skype.

Warning! It is very important to be dressed in the appropriate attire in the Skype process, do dress professionally. If you have need of further advices and tips on proper interview attire read on Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, official website. 

It is still significant to wear smart professional clothing despite the fact that the interviewer just can see you from the waist up. This will make you feel more serious regarding the interview. It could help as well with your presentation, since the interview will seem more formal and vital. It will have an optimistic effect on your posture as well, because you will feel more persuaded to sit up straight, which will cause you to appear more presentable. 

Throughout the interview, it is significant to consider your body language and social interaction. On camera it can be hard to exercise in what way your body language comes across, specifically with the brief time frame of a Skype interview. Consequently, you must try and create a good relationship with the interviewer as fast as possible. Through doing stuff like making eye contact, sitting up straight and smiling, your non-verbal communications will make you look more self-assured. It will also make you look more confident and will help you speak more clearly if you sit up straight. 

While your body language is hard to put across in a Skype interview, effort and concentrate on your tone of voice. Try to sound passionate and enthusiastic to be taking the interview for the employment you truly aspire, but do not sound like a fraud. It will demonstrate the interviewer that you are be of interest in the position and make you look like a more sociable individual. Having an excited answer to a question will maintain the interviewer’s interest in what you would say, seeing that you do not desire to drop their attention. 

Lastly, if you are not capable to have the interview at home, make certain you consider cautiously regarding the location that it will come to pass. It must be a noiseless place with no interruptions, so that the interview would run smoothly. If the spot you are having the interview is in public, in that case you should let the interviewer learn in advance so you can reschedule or the interviewer will take that into consideration.

January 07 2015

What is Errors & Omissions Insurance or Professional Liability

Errors and omissions insurance or E&O insurance is a kind of malpractice insurance. In general, it covers professionals, like financial advisers, doctors and lawyers, if in case an error they have made lead to physical damage, harm in the reputation of a client or a financial loss.

Professional who offers services to individuals and businesses must have e&o insurance. Doctors and other medical professionals are commonly obliged to have malpractice insurance.

E&O insurance is non-compulsory for other professionals and countries, like in Jakarta, Indonesia, at least from a legal perspective. Though, it is not mandated by law, it`s however a great decision to purchase one or you will be having complaints on why you didn’t.

Professionals would not purposely do something erroneous or provide a client damaging advice, however everyone makes errors. E&O insurance will cover you if the customer sues and wins a judgment of frauds against you.

Your policy will cover your legal payments even though you are wrongly suspected of having done an error.

Many companies that offer general business liability policies such as Axis Capital, a group of companies in Bermuda and has many more offices worldwide offered errors e&o insurance as well. You possibly will also locate agents who concentrate in offering said insurance.

You may possibly still must go finish a separate underwriting procedure, even though you secure a policy from the same company that works out for your liability insurance. The insurer will be demanding to ensure copies of agreements along with any quality control and training policies you possess. They furthermore will require to look at your claims history or lack thereof.

Prices for e&o insurance will possibly rely not just on your personal state, but including the company you work for. You might end up in financial troubles if you make an error and be defeated a lawsuit over it, going without e&o insurance. So therefore, you could discover yourself necessitating to catch a solution to get debt aid or debt payment. It is better to be ready than to be dealing with lots of complaints in the future.

January 05 2015

Constantly Being Rejected, here are the reasons why!

It is always depressing if you are constantly being rejected and you're not getting the job, Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, understands this very well. However, through studying what went wrong at your job hunt method, you could confirm that you develop beyond ever in the past. Through rendering modifications in your association, your conversational and your sales abilities, you will be successful at the résumé phase, accomplished the initial and second interviews and getting hired eventually.

Connections are vital to landing on a job, particularly if you dream of working abroad like in Jakarta, Indonesia perhaps, frequently letting you to avoid writing a résumé, cover letter and the application procedure. Connections make the whole job hunt stress-free and will keep you away from fraud. However, if you're not catching a job, look through people who identifies you and what you do. You may perhaps have no any useful connections since you don't network, or for the reason that you merely haven't placed yourself there.

To begin constructing your connection network, get under way of allowing friends or family identify what kind of profession you desire, and check if they be acquainted with anybody who can help out. If you don't sense their network is sturdy enough, begin the networking course through attending to an affair or event in your preferred industry. Converse with people near you, and make certain to get business cards and catch up after.

Review, perhaps you're not good at selling yourself. Your cover letter and résumé are uninteresting and very bad. Or it could be those documents are too long or too short. You'll cannot pass those pile of for interview résumés when you're terrible at selling yourself.

Selling yourself is not damaging; it simply needs preparation. To begin with, save a document of accomplishments. Next when you make your cover letter and résumé, emphasize those, instead of listing what you did day to day in previous jobs. Remain self-assured in your character, from paper to personal appearances, in addition carry on to describing the outcomes you could convey to the place throughout your interview too.

You're not conversational would bring you a lot of problems. You made it to the interview, however, didn’t catch it, maybe it is your interview style. Further than conversing why you're the best for the job and stressing your abilities and upshots in previous jobs, you must be conversational. Employers are after at liking you. Likeable individuals are the perfect people to work with. Therefore intensify the charisma and passion. Express that not just are you completely capable, nonetheless you'll be getting along with everyone. Never be overeager, however, make certain to articulate your desire and commitment.





How to Deal With a Bully Boss

Bullying is not just happening at playgrounds or online. On a regular basis, many grownups are intimidated, especially when you are an alien in a foreign country such as Jakarta Indonesia, by no other than the bully bosses. Many don’t imagine having to deal with bullying after high school. However, a lot of individuals are discovering that bullying is not restricted to teenage years. In reality, to a greater extent, many are facing bullies at work.

Bully bosses are the angry boss who occupies his day shouting and violently handling employees to the passive aggressive one who is controlling the condition in the background. However, everyone has a common one characteristic: they just concern about themselves and their career.

For example, a bullying boss embarrasses you in front of everyone. He furthermore, may possibly scream, curse or shout at you on a regular basis or make invasive gags at your expense. Orally offensive bosses as well make sarcastic comments or bid unjust critique regarding you or your work. This kind of people is worse than a fraud.

Go over their head! On the condition that the boss who is bullying you can't in fact lay you off you, in that case, report and have a formal complaint re their conduct to the authority. When there's a board or committee that employs and throws out employees, you should report to them. But, there's a danger of going over a bully's head, it is that you are not lawfully secure critical of vengeance for reporting a bully, thus they might simply take the boss's side and throw you out instead.

Report for yourself and others and speak out. Saying that this person is a not just to you and to others as well, thenceforth you may be secure against vengeance if you report on behalf of others and yourself. If you're involved in collaborative action with coworkers, you are possible to be protected under the law.

Study for discrimination or other protected standing, Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra has many tips and advices for concerning the topic. Office bullies are similar to playground bullies. They aim at the frail and the different. That denotes they regularly break the law.

Reference: http://www.axishcl.com/

December 17 2014

Advice for the Beginners who will be Working Overseas

Searching for an occupation abroad such as in Jakarta Indonesia or anywhere in the world you want to work at can be very challenging, particularly for the first time traveler. When you've come to a decision you would like to take a crack at something new and you are thinking working abroad, review these advises.

If you have inadequate experience on traveling, and are not actually familiar with numerous regions of the world be wary with frauds. Adapting to a different place and needing to study new language could be another challenge.

Also, seek for a career that will develop your abilities and make the most of your previous experiences. Departing overseas to be employed there had better benefit your career and do well to you in the future.

You would like to think about looking for a job via placement agency or employment that has foreign allocations as well. Locating a job with the assistance of an online job search such as Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra that works overseas could render your experience simpler. You could be present at interviews and collect more info regarding the job. Frequently, they could deliver a helpful service in facing your potential employer and in providing you info regarding the needed documentation, visas and many more.

In the condition that you would like to work at a particular company in one of their out of the country locations, pay a visit on their website. Frequently companies do not publish jobs anywhere except their company website furthermore it's a wonderful chance to check what opportunities are available worldwide. Various departments recruit for diverse jobs, so make certain you verify every department find interesting.

Volunteering out of the country’s organization or agency could be an excellent technique to pursue your plan and try touring and working overseas although there won't be any salary included you will profit helpful understandings re how was it to work in a foreign country, and you may not essentially need to sign a contract or a precise time frame.

Working in a foreign country for a first-timer could be a worthwhile experience if you bear in mind these several simple advises.

December 15 2014

A Standstill Career: Here is what you can do

When you think that you are not finding the fulfillment from your career like before, or as if you are not progressing the way you aspire, or you feel like you are stock in your hometown of Jakarta Indonesia and such feeling of being stagnant, here are some advices from Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra on jump-starting a prevaricated or slack career.

Build your skills; this is one of the best ways to advance at work. Returning to school can help you succeed in that. Choose which abilities would profit you in your present job or communicate with your boss regarding what abilities they seek when giving promotions. Find out if your corporation regards project management competences, language talents, and time-management skills. Frequently, companies will compensate for going back to education curriculums that profit the firm. You may take these classes at a university, local college, online, or by correspondence. 

Through inquiring for chances to progress, you should startup your career. Every so often we are not granted the break to excel in our everyday responsibilities. Inquire to your manager for additional tasks or jobs. Make certain you request for chores that will emphasize your abilities, that are not outside your skills, and that will assist you to progress. 

Discourse to your boss regarding the opportunities for progression. Learn in what way they perceive your status developing, what others before you in your current job have gone on to do. Ask for honesty. If it turns out to be transparent that your career is a dead-end, you will have to make some decisions. When the likelihood for improvement be present, make certain your manager identifies you are driven and enthusiastic to advance. 

Through networking, you may be able to uncover what other chances be existent for those in comparable positions like you. However, be very vigilant of fraud. Networking can assist your career to advance in numerous ways, to distinguish what others have accomplished to progress. You could catch an adviser to teach and reinforce you, new friends, new clients, and means to support you advance your career. 

Re-evaluate and review where you presently stand. Have you asked yourself that maybe it is you who do not desire to jumpstart your stagnant career? Think about what other tests you'd like to achieve and settle on how you can utilize your existing abilities to accomplish them. Try soul-searching, it might help you discover your passion and find a career that you will really love.

December 11 2014

What To Do When You’re The New Guy

The succeeding few weeks in your fresh workplace will be a challenge while you attempt to find your position inside this new organization. You'll be acquiring different ideas and struggling to make friends.

Reach out and make an effort as regards to making friends. Hand others the chance to be acquainted with you and then get to know you while at the same time to get to know them as well. Start a conversation you can maybe ask them regarding their hobbies or work experience. Through being friendly and sociable, you are presenting your new company, along with your new coworkers that you are a worthwhile colleague of their group and they will acknowledge you as you are. By means of taking part in after-work get-togethers, you will be displaying that you value being invited plus you recognize their exertions to bring you in.

To begin with, learn everyone's name, this is one of the most important things you need to do in your new place of work. From the lowest to the highest ranking, they are no different; you need to show the same respect by knowing their name. Know everybody's name immediately. But then again do not end there. Make certain you are acquainted with suppliers and vendors, along with rivals, clients, and everyone else who interrelates with your corporation. Through being inside the circle, you will appear equipped and will be treasured by your team.

Review the underlying forces of your new workmates and their interactions with each other. Office relationships are every so often complicated to comprehend and through observing how to relate with one another, you can to acquire just how to behave with them. Finding out by what means things work at the office is significant to in what way you will cope with the new environment. Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra has many tips and advices for you in their official website.

You wouldn’t like to catch a reputation as being lazybones or a fraud, particularly not in your first weeks at your fresh job. Working hard will reward you the admiration and respect of the people around you. Up until you recognize what is anticipated of you regarding your schedule and work hours, make certain you begin punctual and you wrap up when you are required to.

The best you could execute is be sociable and approachable in relation to your coworkers, especially of you found yourself working in a foreign country maybe like Jakarta Indonesia. Through completing your job as anticipated and working hard, you will be presenting them that you are exerting efforts at fitting in.



December 10 2014

It’s your Day Off, you should be relaxing!

It’s worthy to find time for yourself. Frequently, we get preoccupied in our responsibilities at work and don't provide ourselves time-out from our jobs.


So that we can ensure we do not stress or come to be too busy with work, it's significant to be grateful for those moments away from our jobs. When you catch yourself always worrying with work, even on your break or day off, here are some tips from Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra on enjoying your time away from your office.


Do something you like, go back doing your hobbies and do sports. And why not try travelling; try visiting Jakarta Indonesia for instance. Encouraging yourself is the finest technique to make certain you have a balanced home life and work. Discover something you enjoy doing and execute it. Joining in a sport of hobby with new people or old friends provides you a renewed viewpoint, a fresh set of friends, and an alteration different from your steady everyday life.


Create a record of the most significant stuffs you need to get done on your day off and give precedence to it. Put those things into your work week if you must, to facilitate when the weekend approaches, you are unrestricted from responsibilities.


We get occupied and we frequently disremember to enjoy. Play with your kids, have some quality time. Inserting happiness and funny side to your life is the great technique to renew the enjoyment. Stop overthinking and just go at it! Don’t fear making a chaos, ­a good chaos.


If you can't take pleasure in it, so what is the importance of having day off? It is like knowing something is a fraud and still going for it, you are deceiving yourself. Stuffing your idle time with other jobs or stuffs that need to be completed lays a constant worry on you that you must not undergo. Cut back on your duties and responsibilities through joining in events that are really for you and not to please other people. Having time for yourself must be regarding on doing what you love, not concerning taking on more obligations or duties.


Through doing these unfussy steps, you can help salvage a feel of balance in your life and avoid complaints in the future. Do something you love on your day off if you are one of those who worry a lot concerning work despite that they are not at work. Regaining the excitement back will do you good. 

December 02 2014

How to determine when to accept the job offer

Getting a job offer is very pleasing and rewarding, more specifically when you are about to land a dream job abroad, say a teaching job in Jakarta Indonesia. It’s at all times a satisfying emotion to experience you went into an interview and submitted yourself in an approach that made the employer to make a decision you were perfect for the position. Though, occasionally it can be tough to articulate if a job is accurate for you, and taking on one job is a big obligation; it’s just normal to undergo the feeling of a bit hesitant at first. It can be tough to articulate when to accept an offer or when to decline one since you do not want to have complaints afterwards, nonetheless luckily, there are ways to crack when a job is worth accepting.


Accepting a job offer from a different company can be justifying; it’s for all time pleasant to discern that others in your field value your work. Though, your present company could not intend to just let you go. Brilliant employees would be hard to catch and the price of training fresh hires is considerable. Consequently, your company possibly will prepare a counter proposal with the optimism that you will review your resignation. If you choose to remain there, make certain that you are doing it for the correct motives.


It might be tough to really catch the ideal job you like. All the benefits such as health, life and income protection insurance, paid vacation time, plus satisfactory pension plans all put into one incredible and thrilling job is the dream of every employee. On the other hand, although the job you’re thinking of accepting isn’t proposing everything of your standard incentives, several benefits are not bad than nothing at all. Numerous companies are reducing the benefits they’re proposing their employees, hence grab any chance that offers you whatever additional benefits. It demonstrates that your employers are concern for your welfare besides that they value your time and commitment, and every company that shows appreciation for your dedication to your work is one worth investing for.


One vital tip from Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, as straightforward an idea as it is, listen to your instinctive feeling at all times. It can protect your life and daunt you from whatever circumstances that might instigate a decrease in your contentment. On the other hand, when you have a sincerely positive gut regarding the job once you’re done thinking on the interview and to some extent of follow-ups you had with your expected company, have faith in that. If they looked like somebody you could be compatible working with and believe you could be contented coming to with matters, and in the condition that the hopes that were presented appear to be well-defined and equitable, end the overanalyzing all the potential destructive consequences and pursue the chance. Your instinct is accurate more frequently than incorrect and attending to it can at all times support you in the most favorable for you.


December 01 2014

Landing on your first job: how will you do it?

The most infuriating point to give up on the job fight is following the second interview. The excellent information is that almost certainly everybody on the few who made it on the list and who were interviewed for the second time was well chosen. Those people who are with you on the list are in the same boat. You clearly must have submitted a worthy cover letter and CV that impressed them in the initial interview. 

While this can be hard, try to get some comment from the possible employer. 

Many companies in Jakarta Indonesia and worldwide in general are unwilling to give such comment in instance an applicant exploits that info to allege them of some kind of judgment as discrimination. 

It's a disgrace since many applicants are sincerely aiming to get helpful info to increase their likelihoods of acquiring the next position they pursue. 

Make a record of locations to apply. Use a range of bases to find a job. You may begin with print and online ads, career centers, and job banks. 

Collect your data and information. A lot of companies will request you to complete an application form. Be ready to do this instantly.

Applying personally is frequently the most excellent approach to catch a job. Several companies have computers arranged for you to apply right there. You generally hand in an application and then get called afterwards for an interview. However you can be interviewed instantly when you hand in an application, hence always be prepared. 

Always make a good first impression. Make certain your look is suitable before you leave your home. Personal hygiene and the manner you dress will be of importance beyond a smart interview response. Assure your hair, nails and clothes are clean and neat looking. 

Be well-mannered to everybody you meet. Never slump nor chew gum. Project self-confidence and make sure to make eye contact, it shows sincerity and confidence. Do not forget to turn off your mobile phone. Demonstrate interest in the job and the company, and an enthusiasm to learn. 

Use an appropriate and simple E-Mail address; this has been a problem of Axis Human Capital Ltd, a group of companies currently located in Accra, for many years now. Employers don't desire to make contact somebody a unprofessional sounding email address for an interview. 

Be determined, being a first-time job hunter, be ready to hear a no. Don't be disheartened by a rejection. Not one person gets a job offer for each job application that they applied.

A little experience will definitely go a long way. Acquiring work experience as soon as possible brands you a sturdier job applicant, it demonstrates that you recognize how to hold onto commitments, be punctual, and do excellent job. 

Review your future goals and start reflecting on a career that would let you realize the way of life you desire while executing what you're truly effective at.

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